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Hey, I'm Tanya 

A Mindset, Empowerment & Embodiment Guide 

Who specializes in supporting women who are feeling stuck & like you're living the life someone else told you, you needed to; by shifting the way you look at & feel about yourself

Ditching the thought patterns & beliefs that got you here & supporting you as you start to live life on your terms

It has been a wonderful journey that has led me to this point, there have been lots of ups, downs, & some pretty big universal guidance at times. And I am so grateful to have ended up in a space in which I get to share my experiences & healing techniques & modalities with amazing people like you

See, getting up & truly sharing from my core publicly, wasn’t something I was always able to do... Because truthfully throughout a large part of my life I didn’t have the love for myself & confidence to do so. I was comfortable being in the shadows, watching others shine their light

Growing up I never felt like I truly fit it, I felt like I was always on the outside looking in. And when I had those moments of connection with the people in my world underneath it all, secretly a big part of me felt like I needed to behave a certain way to keep things like that 

In my mind, I wasn’t accepted if I wasn’t playing a role… 

The “funny” one, The “will do anything to make others happy” one, The “dependable” or "loyal" one, The “bigger” one 

And I kept playing these stories & roles out in my mind. Consistently putting myself into this little box of who I thought the world wanted Tanya to be

Yet, no one had ever asked me to be that person. They never said I needed to be this way

They were things I taken on as expectations & assumptions based off of my own internal thoughts that I had projected into my relationships & ultimately my view of myself 

And these stories, thoughts & insecurities followed me wherever I went until I started to embrace them, thinking... "Well, maybe this is just who I really am" 

And the lack of confidence that came with that very thought set so many stages in my world for things to be painted in this light 

The truth was...

I was afraid to be who I really was, I was afraid to be authentic & fearless, I was afraid to go after what I wanted, I was afraid to truly love myself

So when I found myself in jobs I hated or relationships that were toxic AF or living paycheck to paycheck, I almost expected it

The idea that there could be more, was so unimaginable to me that I never considered it to be an option 

That was until this lovely world knocked me so far on my ass that I had to face the music...

See I was in a place where I was lying to myself about being happy every day & was so disconnected from who I truly was I hardly recognized the girl in my mirror

➙ I was in a job I enjoyed but with a boss that was creating so much stress in my life, I would legit cry each day before I walked into the building

➙ I was gaining weight due to the stress & struggling to find the motivation to change it

➙ I was in a relationship that I was starting to see the signs that maybe it wasn’t right yet, not wanting to believe it until I came home one day & found he had passed on

➙ I lost my grandpa & father within the same 30 days

And I couldn’t keep my story up anymore. My world crumbled. I hit my rock bottom & completely fell apart for what felt like such a long time, letting things happen to me & just not caring anymore

All of a sudden I was that girl. The one others looked at like she could fall apart at any moment or was broken, in need of saving, or just flat out fragile

And I hated it!

I hit a point of “is this really all there is?” & began to question everything around me. And when I couldn't answer my own questions I hit this point of "maybe this really is all there is, maybe this is my journey, & I'm just where life wants me to be" & then something interesting happened

I heard this little voice within me yelling "NO! there is more to life, there is more to this!" 

So I trusted it & started making small changes to make me feel happier. I explored, I connected with family & friends, I began looking at ways to combat the weight I had gained & I started listening to myself, seeking to understand what I wanted

And then when I was out on an adventure, sitting on the beach enjoying a peaceful evening with my mother flipping through Facebook, I scrolled past a post of a girl living the life I had always wanted

Literally hanging out in this beautiful infinity pool in the middle of what looked like paradise, talking about how happy she was, how she found her success & was seeing all these wonderful things happening in her life And it was like something inside me just flipped, like a switch 

Call it competition, call it a moment of guidance, call it whatever you like but at that moment all I could think was if this girl can achieve this so can I 

And that moment became such a pivotal one in my story because it led me in a brand new direction & with that direction came this concept of self-development and self-growth 

Suddenly I was talking with people about mindset & gratitude & living your best life 

A concept that at this point was so foreign to me I had to pause after every conversation to truly just let my mind wrap itself around it what I had just heard 

So I decided to go looking to get some help & discovered a coach who worked with me, sharing some amazing techniques 

And really allowed me to step into a space in which I could start to see who I really am, what I really wanted & best yet, how worthy of it all I am

And that understanding turned into a thirst to learn more...

So I dove headfirst into learning as much as I could, feeling so pulled & connected to this process. Almost like it was something I was meant to discover. Somehow I had ended up in this beautiful situation where I had hit such a low point that I had where else to go but up & this seemed like the lifeline I had been looking for 

And as the universe does when we need it more I ended up finding ways to not only study this for myself, to grow myself & to change what I was seeing in my world but I was able to get the knowledge to teach, coach & certify others in some amazing healing modalities 

Resulting in becoming the Master Practitioner & Certified Instructor I am today!! 

On a mission of helping women discover how worthy they are & inspiring simple shifts to embrace transformation, confidence & empowerment in their lives without having to go through tragedy or trauma to become their authentic selves

Best part is this journey is only truly getting started & I can’t wait to share it with you!! 

NLP Master Practitioner & Instructor, EFT (tapping), Matrix Therapies (hypnotherapy), Reiki Practitioner, Law of Attraction & Archetypal Coaching  

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