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Looking to become a mindset coach?

Or wanting to take your personal growth to the next level?

Well you're in the right place

It's time to discover the powerful benefits of what NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Matrix Therapies  

Discover just how powerful your brain really is & how when you can begin to make it work for you can completely transform your life & the lives of others! 

These certification programs are for those wanting to take their personal healing to the next level &/or become a coach & help others with these amazing tools

Each program has its own certification process & is designed to provide you will the tools, knowledge & practical application required to feel confident using NLP & Matrix Therapies within your business or personal life

In this course we look at what NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is

Understanding how the mind works & how your filters & language impact the way you see the world

In short it is the study of how your beliefs, experiences, memories, & emotions + The words you use, both in your mind & out loud = Your programs, behaviours & habits

From there, we discover tools, techniques & language patterns you can use right away to begin re-wiring the mind 

NLP Practitioner Certification
Discover All The Details Now

Matrix Therapies is a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP & time line therapy in which you are given the chance to go within & heal your inner child

Shifting your or your clients perception of key events within their lives, while using the unconscious mind to guide the client through a powerful process that allows them to remove current blocks & step into the future in a whole new way so that they can re-write their story & achieve the big dreams they have always wanted to

This course is for another who wants to do their own healing in a powerful, is ready to let go of key events & situations that have gotten them to where they are today 

As well as those who want to guide others with a powerful healing modality & process

Matrix Therapies Certification
Coming Soon

Now that you have the NLP Practitioner knowledge & certification 

NLP Master Practitioner takes things to another level

Engraining the fundamentals of what NLP is into your mind, while providing you with new tools, techniques & solutions to really serve your clients & yourself in a profound way 

Looking at values, strategies, meta program & more this course is for the individual who is looking to create a massive impact in this world 

Master NLP Practitoner Certification
Coming Soon

Hear How These Programs Have Changed Others Lives ...

Discovering my learning style empowered me to have better conversations with myself & others.

I have been able to build a better relationship with my significant other & we are in such a better place for it. 

This tool changed my life & my marriage completely. So grateful I was able to learn this process

Through these powerful techniques I was able to release the negative emotions & limiting beliefs I had been holding onto. 

Once I did this process everything changed for me!!

I felt happier, lighter & more peaceful.

I have been able to connect with friends I hadn't spoken to in years.

I found the confidence to walk away from my fully time job in pursuit of my dream business 

And I feel like I have finally found my flow 

This class was amazing!! I have switched old habits from one's that were keeping in a loop of old behavior & now feel like I am consistent in my days. 

I started this process to just get some of the inner healing & loved it so much I did the certification process & just sign my first client!!

On cloud 9 & highly recommend to everyone looking to heal themselves & others!!

NLP Master Practitioner & Instructor, EFT (tapping), Matrix Therapies (hypnotherapy), Reiki Practitioner, Law of Attraction & Archetypal Coaching  

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