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Are you looking to really experience change & transform your life? Well you're in the right place!

These individual 1 to 1 coaching platforms are designed to give you tools & resources needed to dive deep into your healing & growth journey 

Working directly with the unconscious mind, we begin to dig into your past looking at the negative influences, emotions, limiting beliefs & identities that have filtered your world 

From here we begin to reprogram how you see these things, creating awareness's around where you are carrying beliefs that don't belong to you, lies you may have been telling yourself & the labels that your mind is fighting to uphold 

So that you can... 

➙ Move your current barriers & blocks in manifesting your big goal (the house, vacation to remember, significant other, successful start up, whatever is in your heart) 

➙ Overcome self sabotage & feel motivated & connected 

➙ Increase your confidence to go after the things you really want 

➙ Gain clarity to know what path is right for you & the steps to get there 

➙ Create an abundance of opportunities flowing into your reality each & every day

**Each package is completely customized to fit your individual needs & growth journey, below is a representation of what can be added, additional support is also available through your package** 

Book A FREE Clarity Call

Your journey begins with a history call to truly dig in & get to know each other

Talking through your past, what you have experienced, who the main players are in your life & what is the challenge we have come together to work on

By the end of this session, we will have a game plan customized to you on how the rest of your sessions will lay out

From there we discover where you want to go, what is your big goal the one that keeps coming to mind as if on repeat & begin working with the unconscious mind to filter in ways you can achieve it

Are you ready to really step into the highest & best version of you?

In your 6 month program we work together by focusing on the negative influences, emotions, limiting beliefs & identities that are standing in your way from living that soul lead, purposeful life

The goal is to release the old stories that have been keeping your mind from seeking new opportunities & ways to grow

So that by the end of the 12 sessions you will have a clearer vision on your next steps 

So that you can...

➙ Confidently move forward. begin to ask for the things you desire, understand how you can attract more of what you want to you & feel lighter, as if a weight as released in your life!

All while… 

➙ Becoming motivated & empowered in the decisions you make so that you take massive action in your life 

➙ Discovering how to truly love yourself by being empowered in who you are so that you can attract new healthy relationships to you… both friends & romantic 

➙ Creating boundaries for yourself so that you can find your voice & be fully heard & seen

➙ Reprogramming your unconscious mind so that you can manifest the life you have only yet dreamed off 

Become your most authentic self & live your best life now!

This 12 month program expands your growth journey, really going deep into your past, & letting the healing process begin

All while providing intentional focus on the negative influences, emotions, limiting beliefs & self imposed identities that are standing in your way & takes it so much further!

Together we...

➙ Tap into your personal flow & self sabotage cycles, understanding when they come up & how to shift back into flow 

➙ The ideals you have created in your life & shifting them to an order that aligns with your true purpose

➙ The values your highest self holds & how to consciously become aware of how they work

Plus so much more!! 

The goal with this package is to release & reframe the old stories you have been telling yourself

So that you can…. 

➙ Gain confidence in who you really are & begin to use your voice to speak your truth

➙ Create habits that serve you & your vision of this world to act from an intentional core identity level 

➙ Discover the empowered version of you that uses their own ideas to truly attract his/her wildest dreams 

➙ Develop the courage to boldly show up as the authentic you to ask for what you really want in this life

➙ Reprogramming your unconscious mind so that you can manifest the life you have only yet dreamed of 

Discover If This Transformation Package Is Right For You

How Are You Storing Your Negative Emotions 

Are you ready to step into the next phase of your life?

Hear What Others Have To Say...

In processing those emotions I have been able to create new, positive relationships with some of my most important relationships. This understanding has also transferred to my professional life as well. In the months since working with Tanya, I have scaled my business and increased my client acquisition by 50% ........

Tanya has made a huge impact in my life, I will forever be grateful for her kind spirit, her patience’s, and loving heart ........

Tanya is gifted at creating a trusting, calming, tranquil environment that allows me to go deep into the exploration of the process every time I work with her. Not only is she incredibly talented in the art of NLP, Tanya is a beautiful human inside & out ..........

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NLP Master Practitioner & Instructor, EFT (tapping), Matrix Therapies (hypnotherapy), Reiki Practitioner, Law of Attraction & Archetypal Coaching  

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