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Because who doesn't love freebies? 

Looking to discover some amazing resources you can take & use right now to start creating transformation in your life?

Well you're in the right place! 

Let's be real for a minute... 

We all LOVE to try before we buy! After all it gives us a sense as to if something is right for us

And, when it comes to your personal growth, transformation & journey this should be no exception

To truly get the impact & change you are looking for, finding that person who aligns with you, supports you & gets you is key so that you can reach that big scary goal that may just feel like a dream right now

So, while there are so many techniques, tools, programs & courses we can do together or I can provide you to really help you along your journey...


I also, want to give you the opportunity to really get a sense for my coaching style & these freebies & resources are some excellent ways you can do just this!! 

So grab one or grab them all & celebrate the massive step you just took in getting started or continuing on your personal growth journey! 

If you would like to personally connect to discover how you can reach the big scary goal really step into your power book your complementary coffee call now 

After all Your Life is a Reflection of Your Mindset

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Workshops & Challenges 

Unlock Your True Power Workshop 

What would it mean to step into your true power?

I mean truly stepping into who you are, speaking your truth, showing up totally authentic in every way & communicating with others & yourself in a way that inspires & flows

In this workshop we look at...

How to level up your communication. What words to avoid & why they are not serving you. How you filter your world & create perceptions & how to attract more of what you want into your life!!

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Breaking Through The Procrastination Workshop 

Struggling with procrastination?

We all do it at time, avoiding the things you don't want to do, & the things that push you outside of your comfort zone. Leaving you feeling behind, stressed & tried right? 

In this workshop we look at...

Why procrastination keeps coming up in your life. Simple ways to begin to gain more motivation; & how to develop an awareness around your triggers

Watch The Replay Now

    My Self Love Declaration Challenge 

Self Love is a massive part of any growth journey & what better way to start or continue to implement self love into your daily routine than a challenge?!

Over these 4 days we will use a variety of tools to really show yourself some love and push you in different ways.

Understanding that true self love is about the healing process & includes more than bubble baths & mani / pedis. It is the deeper healing that allows you see the worthy badass underneath it all. 

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Discovering Your Highest Intentions 

Use this worksheet to map out your highest intentions & legacy you would like to set for your life. 

This process is designed to help you gain clarity so that you can overcome self-sabotage, procrastination & shiny object syndrome.

Download The Worksheet

Procrastination Journal Prompts

This worksheet gives you the opportunity to really dig in & look at what is causing your to procrastinate in life.

Asking some questions designed to really get you thinking in a different way & open yourself up to understanding what beliefs may be getting in your way

Download The Worksheet

Aligning Your Energy With Your Goals 

This worksheet is designed to help you align your vibrational frequency to match the vibrational frequency of your goals.

Using the like attracts like process to accelerate success in achieving your goals

Download The Worksheet

Journals & Products 

2022 Goal Setting Planner 

This journal has been designed to create a successful path for you to take towards your goals. 

Looking at how we create SMART goals & using these principles to set monthly & yearly goals. 

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Clarity Planner

The journal allows you to make a commitment to your personal self love journey. 

Allowing you map out your perfect day, setting intentions and creating new habits.

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Motivational Journal 

The journaling process is such a powerful way to open your mind & connect with yourself

This mountain inspired journal provides the perfect outlet for your daily thoughts, dreams & intentions 

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Podcasts & Interviews 

How To Get Ahead - MLC

Join me & co-host Sailynn as we discuss the global transition of women following their passions and building a life they love.

Women across the globe are breaking the status quo, challenging what's always been, starting their own businesses to create the life they've always dreamed of!

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The Overcomer's Podcast 

January 2021: myself & host Christina Krag chat mindset & the impact coaching has had on both of lives! Listen as she gives me an opportunity to highlight my story 

December 2021: This episode features myself & 3 other amazing coaches as we chat all about the mind & the how shifting your perceptive can make such a difference in the way you see the world 

Decemeber 1st, 2021 Eposide

January 14, 2021 Eposide

Other Videos  

Get access to a series of talks and videos done on mindset, who I am and so much more



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To Live A Life That You Truly Love 

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Tanya Lleigh, Mindset & Empowerment Coach

NLP Master Practitioner & Instructor, EFT (tapping), Matrix Therapies (hypnotherapy), Reiki Practitioner, Law of Attraction &Archetypal Coaching  

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