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Elevate Your Money Mindset: Unlock Prosperity, Abundance, & Financial Freedom

Are you ready to break free from limiting beliefs, redefine your relationship with money, & effortlessly manifest the wealth you desire?

Welcome to the Abundant Soul Blueprint Course, where you'll embark on a profound journey of transformation.

This dynamic course is divided into three insightful videos, each focusing on a crucial aspect of your money mindset:

Join a journey deep into the world of language, where we unravel the intricate patterns that shape your financial reality.

In this enlightening exploration, you'll discover the profound influence words can have on your financial potential – whether they empower or limit it.

Gain invaluable techniques that allow you to speak prosperity into existence, and watch as your financial life undergoes a remarkable transformation.

Explore the intricacies of your relationship and connection with money.

Together, we will unearth the roots of your beliefs and behaviors related to finances, providing you with a profound understanding of your money interactions.

This journey is the first step towards healing your current relationship with money, paving the way for a future filled with abundance and prosperity.

Unlock the secrets of manifestation and tap into the boundless abundance of the universe.

Discover practical and actionable techniques to effortlessly manifest wealth.

Embrace the life you truly deserve, where money flows freely and abundantly.

Each video is paired with integration techniques to ensure you can apply the teachings to your life. These actionable steps make the course not just informative but transformative.

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Bonus Features:

A Powerful Activation Mediation

Immerse yourself in a guided meditation designed to activate your wealth consciousness, aligning your mind with financial abundance.

Designed to open your mind more & anchor in the financial freedom picture we have been building over the course of the past 3 sessions. Infused with healing music & powerful vibrational frequencies, this activation will leave you feeling connected to your ATM of the mind. 

My Money Date Template

Gain access to a 5-part living tracker that will help you understand your financial habits and reveal hidden opportunities for wealth creation.

My personal money date template, this is the spreadsheet I use both on my money dates and to keep an honest look at where money is going in my life. This includes tabs so that you can get clear on where you are, what’s coming in, what’s going out, what you want your new reality to look like & space to start your game plan to get there

A 30-minute call with me

This is your chance to get 1:1 advice, support & coaching on your money mindset, discover more about NLP and/or how I can continue to guide & support your mindset journey

I'm Ready To Activate My Abundant Soul Blueprint!!

CEO & founder of Tanya Lleigh Coaching 

Mindset & Empowerment Guide, Master Practitioner & Instructor of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Coach, Course Creator, Matrix Therapies & Reiki Practitioner

Specializing in supporting those who are feeling stuck and like they are living the life someone else told them too

By shifting the way they look at & feel about themselves. Ditching the thought patterns & beliefs that got them here & supporting them as they start to live life on their terms

Tanya Lleigh Coaching was founded on the mission of helping others discover how worthy they are & inspiring simple shifts to embrace transformation, confidence & empowerment in their lives without having to go through tragedy or trauma to become their authentic self 

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NLP Master Practitioner & Instructor, EFT (tapping), Matrix Therapies (hypnotherapy), Reiki Practitioner, Law of Attraction & Archetypal Coaching  

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